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Solaris audit bsm patch problem

solaris audit bsm patch problem

Sshd(8) will also now unlink the PidFile prior to sighup restart and re-create it after a successful restart, rather than leaving a stale file in the case of a configuration error.
OpenSSH.6 /.6p1 OpenSSH.6 has just been released.
This allows control of which keys are offered from tokens using IdentityFile.
C - suppress aaaa query host when '-4' is used; from - turn off x11-fwd for the client, too.sftp(1) client can now transfer files with" characters in their filenames.OpenSSH.2 /.2p1 OpenSSH.2 has just been released.Important Changes: This release fixes a vulnerability in the UseLogin option of OpenSSH.Bz#2680 * ssh(1 ssh-keygen(1 Fix a number of case-sensitivity bugs in known_hosts processing.Based on patch from James.Bz#1448 * Only include SHA256 and ECC-based key exchange methods if libcrypto has the required support.ssh(1 Added v and V escape sequences to raise and lower the logging level respectively.More information on donations may be found at: ml This is a major feature and bugfix release.This option lists one or more comma-separated lists of authentication method names.
Reported by Ben Hawkes.
Interoperation with SSH.4 protocol 6) New option HostKeyAlias This option allows the user to record the host key under a different name.

Gz) 7ed5b491cfebcaee2273d1f c2167 - SHA1 ( reported by Tomas Mraz On hosts that did not have a randomness source configured in OpenSSL and were not configured to use EGD/prngd (using the -with-prngd-socket configure option the ssh-rand-helper command was being implicitly executed by ssh-keysign with open file descriptors to the host.Bz#2672 * ssh(1 Show a useful error message when included config files can't be opened; bz#2653 * sshd(8 Make sshd set gssapistrictAcceptorCheckyes as the manual page (previously incorrectly) advertised.sftp-server(8 Add a sftp " to support calling fsync(2) on an open file handle.The following bugs from http bugzilla.Important Changes: 1) SSH protocol v2 is now the default protocol version use the 'Protocol' option from ssh(1) and sshd(8) if you need to change this.ssh(1 sshd(8 fix connections with peers that use the key exchange guess feature of the protocol.During RPM builds) - (djm) Add strsep function from OpenBSD libc for systems that lack it (djm) Only enable PAM_TTY kludge for Linux.Bz#1039 * Correct off-by-one in percent_expand we would fatal when trying to expand expand_MAX_keys, allowing only expand_MAX_keys-1 to actually work.
ssh-keygen(1 allow fingerprinting from standard input,.g.
Bz#2228 * Add support for ed25519 to it init script.