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Sharp os 5500 manual

sharp os 5500 manual

Enter your model number, where's the model number?
It is supported by XLink/Win.5d and.
Unfortunately they are now difficult to pc puzzle game gta vice city find and expensive.It is not yet supported by XLink/Win.Sharp uses different model numbers in different countries for models which differ only slightly (if at all).You must provide your EL-6890 serial number when you place your order, but who knows if they actually check it?It supports a wide range of Sharp YO/ZQ/EL/OZ/TM organizers - including the YO-150/170/470 series, the YO-180/EL-6x90 series (YO-180/190/195/480, EL-6790/6890/6895 and the YO-270 series (YO-270/290, ZQ-270/290, EL-6990).Sweepstakes begins at 12:00:01 AM ET on 01/01/17 and ends at 11:59:59 PM ET on 12/30/17, with four (4) separate Sweepstakes Periods: Period 1 begins on 01/01/17 and ends on 03/31/17; Period 2 begins on 04/01/17 and ends on 06/30/17; Period 3 begins on 07/01/17.Dec 1, 2000: Special offers from Sharp on Cables and Organizers (Ended) These are some good buys currently offered by Mobile Mania: Sharp YO-190 256KB Electronic Organizer with basic PC Link software, cable and leather slip case,.99.Aug 14, 2009: Support for Vista and Windows 7 XLink/Win version.8 has been released (see What's new.8 ).Sharp has made a lot of electronic organizers over the past 15 years, and there are too many models to list them all, but here's a basic compatibility guide.It is based on our casif/Win product for Casio diaries.July 29, 2000: New Models from Sharp: EL-6895, YO-520, YO-540, OZ-770 Sharp has introduced a few new models: The EL-6895 is compatible with the EL-6790, but has more memory.Dat7csharplinks appear to be permanently out of stock note: you cannot build this cable yourself - it uses a custom microcontroller.A 4-pin to 3-pin adaptor cable is available to allow these models to communicate with the later 4-pin YO/ZQ models.Go to m/mobilemall/el6890/ to place an order and download the basic backup software - then get yourself a copy of XLink/Win!They are not supported by XLink/Win.More information on XLink/Win.

Most Sharp electronic organizers have one of the 7 different serial interfaces listed below.The YO-520 appears similar to the YO-480, but has more memory.Companies supplying Sharp organizers and accessories online: Sharp USA (Sharp organizer products) m Pygmy (Sharp organizers and accessories) m Note: Pygmy is now affiliated with Rupp Mobile Mania m Yahoo Online Store ml Windows Link Inc (Windows Link for Sharp Organizers) m Note: Windows Link.15-pin port on the side or top of the organizer This interface is used by older IQ models and by Wizard models such as the OZ-5500.The CE-139T cable should work with any organizer which has the 4-pin "Option Port" on the side, but it is apparently incompatible with the OZ/ZQ-570/630/640/650 models which require the CE-60K docking station.Model Numbering Basics: The first Sharp Wizard electronic organizers were the IQ series, originally released in the mid-1980s.Void outside the.S., in Puerto Rico, and wherever else prohibited by law.It is also supported by some OZ and IQ models via a secondary port or an adaptor cable.October 1, 2000: Sharp Rebates (Ended) Sharp in Canada has extended their rebate offer on the following organizers purchased between March 1, 2000 and December 31, 2000: Better hurry if you just bought one!This USB-serial adapter is a common type which has been tested to work with XLink/Win and all Casio or Sharp cables.
XLink/Win allows you to exchange your organizer data with any other Windows programs, and to link directly to existing PC databases.
Caveat: The information in this table is not guaranteed to be complete or correct - Sharp has a huge number of models, and their published information on model and cable compatibility is often incomplete or conflicting between different sources.