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Nortel m5316 manual call forward

nortel m5316 manual call forward

Features and User Instructions Meridian #M5316 Multi-line Electronic Display Phone.
To program a number into memory: Press Program.ACD press RLS key to end your call or hang up if on handset.These parties can be manual singer bella 5430c either campus or off campus telephones.ACD press to adjust.Is displayed Press Hold Press to Enable or Disable Call Timer on Display Press Hold to save setting Press Program or Rls to exit Memory: Allows programming of key 12 with three phone numbers that can be auto-dialed.Is shown on the display Press Hold Enter the date using the format shown on the display Enter the current time based upon the 24 hour clock Press Program or Rls to exit programming mode Installed Features - Three-way Conference/Call Transfer Call Transfer: Allows you.Enables you to conference las ventajas de ser marginado pdf your telephone with two additional parties.Press Hold Press until format desired is on display.Depress conf 3 to return to the "consulted" party.The original caller is placed on automatic hold and the indicator beside the line key will flash.Press Hold to save the number in for sims 3 full version its M1, 2, or 3 location.(The other party can't hear the conversation at this point.) Depress conf 3 button to connect all parties Consultation: Allows you to put a caller on "hold" while you talk privately with a third party.
Call is transferred and you are disconnected from the call Three-Way Conference: Must be requested.
211 Press Key 11 at appropriate time of programming.

For pricing, please see the catalog page.To return to a held call, press the line key that is on hold.To order this item, contact customer service at 614-688-help (4357 or toll-free at ; (fax.The "consulted" party is placed on hold.(CO feature must be disabled and Automatic Call Distribution Line (ACD) can't be on Key 1) Press Hold.To save the number you are calling: Press Key 13, Save # After two seconds the number will display and be placed in that keys memory.Press RLS key to end your call or hang up if on handset.Note: Must not have Key 1 programmed for Automatic Call Distribution Line (ACD).OR, during a call, press another line key to place another call on hold or answer another call.You are talking with someone and want to add a third party to your conversation Depress conf 3 (hear 3 beeps dial tone caller is on temporary hold Dial number of third party as normal.Pause: Allows you to insert a pause during a dialing sequence,.e.
Press Program or Rls to exit.