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Land titles procedures manual

land titles procedures manual

Copyright of this manual belongs to the Province of Alberta n o person may reproduce, in any format or media, any portion of this Manual (except the forms set out therein) for any purpose other than personal use without the express written authorization of the.
Select the link above to find out how!This application is formally referred to as an interest discharge.Judgment Registry, the Judgment Registry contains all active information pertaining to judgments.Transfer an Interest - The interest holder(s) can transfer an interest on a title to another party.This manual helps government employees working in a Land Titles Office.You can find titles and other land manual control remoto mini split mirage records without this title information using Map Search's intuitive map-based search engine.A transfer to surviving joint tenant is used when the title is held jointly and survivorship rights exist, and a transmission on death is used when the owner(s) dies and the title must be transferred to an executor or personal representative.This application is formally referred to as an interest assignment.Land Titles Common Documents Fee Schedule has been created.If you can navigate a map - you can find a land title!Introduction to Land Titles and Procedures Manual.Map Search - Don't know the title or parcel number, land description or owner name?Whats important to know if there is information that needs to be corrected, added or deleted, send by mail to: Land Titles, Box 2380, Edmonton, Alberta T5J 2T3 or by email to: all forms can be filled out online - Though the forms may seem.
Change an Interest - Interest holder(s) can apply to change the details of an interest, like its value, its description or its expiry date.

It's important to keep in mind there are legal consequences when changing title ownership. .The Land Titles Act provides the legislative framework for the department to register land related documents that both create and terminate mcgraw hill chemistry 12 solutions pdf legal rights in property.When you're ready, just click "Start Survey".This application can also be used to change the ownership structure from one to many or many to one.If you have any questions, please contact Service Alberta.Register an Interest - Register an interest, like a mortgage or easement, on a land title.Only use single-sided printing when printing forms.Historically, mineral rights have not always been clearly defined.Subdivide or Consolidate Land, subdivide Land - A land owner will often subdivide a parcel into a number of smaller parcels in order to sell those smaller parcels to another individual, corporation or subdivide a parcel, you will need to contact a licensed land surveyor.
Transfer Multiple Titles - Use this type of application whenever a tenants in common ownership structure is involved in a transfer of ownership or whenever multiple titles are involved in the transfer application.