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Installing mile marker manual locking hubs

installing mile marker manual locking hubs

Remove the lock washer, then the inner spindle nut (again using a spindle locknut wrench).
While our model had no mounts on the case itself, some rigs have struts or brackets on the side that must also be removed.
Note that locknut wrenches are not universal, there are several different sizes available.
Summit Racing, quadratec, tdot Performance Canada 4 Wheel Parts m, cARiD, auto Accessories Garage, broad View Parts.Its just like an open rear axle differential, where all the power goes to the tire with the least traction.Use a pilot bearing puller to remove the spindle bearing.Pull the spindle assembly outwards to remove - it will likely be much tighter than the rotor assembly when removing.After the end housing was bolted on, the shaft was moved in and out to check for endplay.However, if you are converting from automatic to manual locking hubs, you will need to purchase Warn's spindle nut kit, part # 32721, in order to complete the conversion.Even the 74-79 Dodge trucks and Ramchargers with the live-axle front end can be converted to use hubs with a MileMarker kit.Once finished, the new parts had eliminated the drivetrain clunk and provided extra peace of mind.On the Ford divorced case with a yoke on the front, the splines cant wear unless the yoke becomes loose.Study the series of lock nuts used in the manual locking hub assembly.

A light coating of grease on the seal will help it stay in place during reassembly.Do not continue until the lock washer is installed properly.Install the lock washer (the lock washer has a protrusion that must slide into the keyway cut into the axle spindle).Once the inner locknut and lock washer have been properly secured, install the outer spindle locknut and torque to 160 to 205 ft-lbs (per Warn spec).This helical gear looks like a speedometer wc3 frozen throne no cd patch drive gear but is actually an oil pump gear.This special washer does a superior job of sealing the end of the shaft and should be in good shape or else replaced.If the locknut nipple still does not fit into a hole on the lock washer, tighten the locknut slightly and re-attempt.
The full-time four-wheel-drive NP203 transfer case is one of the most standard items found in 70s fullsize 4x4s.
Whether your rig is a Dodge, a Chevy, or a Ford, the NP203 will develop internal wear when subjected to this type of use.