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Driver paell lines cheat codes

driver paell lines cheat codes

During gameplay, pause the game, and then select Cheats from dev c tutorial for beginners pdf the menu to enter the password input screen.
Enter zoomzoom " as a code.
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Free garage, get a total of 99,999 to get a free garage.Win first place under any difficulty setting.The La Guardia Circuit Race will then be re-opened, but you will retain the money you won from the last race.Then, select the "Cheats" option and enter one of the following codes to unlock the corresponding cheat option, which can then be toggled on or off: Invincibility.Customize and repair all the cars your money will allow.Infinite Ammo: gunbelt, infinite Nitrous!Don't worry it takes less than a minute.00:31, girl squats amazing.Vehicle list 2-Door Sedan Fairview Grand Valley Kramer Miyagi Namorra Rhapsody Rosalita Teramo The Mexican's Ride 4-Door Sedan Atlus Chauffeur Colonna M700 Meat Wagon Pangea Prestige Regina Schweizer Torrex Torrex Turbo Wayfarer Wayfarer Turbo Zartex Commercial Boldius Bus Courier Delivery Van Dolva Dolva Flatbed Dozer.
Customize car: In the 1977 Era, go out of your safe house, then turn right.
Quickly get back to the prison and into the transport.

To customize your cars for less, successfully complete the game then choose the car or bike store at Rays.Negotiator Vehicle: Successfully complete the game.There should be a gray school bus to your left marked "Prison Transport System" on the side.Driver strategy guides are found on a magazine rack in police headquarters.Far Out mode:, reach 900 miles on your odometer.If it is for the 2006 Era, go to the 1978 Era and customize it for ten times less money.Easy money Win a circuit race without hitting the wall or the other racers to earn a 10,000 clean driver bonus.Do you have any mods, patches, skins, models, maps, tools or save games for Driver: Parallel Lines?Search site: Driver: Parallel Lines, latest Forum Discussions: m, videos, man on motorbike.
Genre: Driving, release: Jun 26, 2007, eSRB: Mature, codes, unlockables.
Rollbar - Gives indestructible cars.